When pruning trees there always is a goal in mind whether it is to get more sun on the lawn, branches away from the roof, or removing hazard limbs from traffic areas.  Whatever your goal in mind is, we listen and develop a plan that best suits the situation.  

We prune according to ANSI 300 guidelines, which is a technical way of saying we do things by the book.  We don’t
use pruning spikes when pruning trees, we don’t top trees, and we don’t remove more branches than we have to.  

In most cases, the only parts of a tree that need to be pruned away are the dead and diseased wood.   But if the scope
of the project has more involved than the health of the tree, then more branches may need to be removed.   

We also prune small ornamental trees and shrubs for form and maintenance.  The shrubs and small trees amongst the
landscape of a property need to be kept up in a proper manner just like the lawn does.